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Cosming Laboratory Information Management Education Consultancy Kozmetik San.Tic.Ltd Şti. was established in Izmir. It operates in the analysis of cosmetic products and started its activities in 2013 by targeting customer satisfaction and quality. It offers services to its customers in line with the developments in Turkey and the world, taking into account the needs of the sector. By participating in international quality control programs, the analysis results provided have achieved high quality assurance.

In line with the needs of cosmetic businesses, our laboratory; While carrying out studies on skin irritation test, dermatological test, microbiological test, challenge test, stability test, physicochemical test, it also provides training, technical support, compliance of products with the limits determined by law, product information file, product safety assessment, safety data sheet, GMP, CPNP, It also provides support on issues such as formula design and R&D. Our company also takes part in many social responsibility projects.

It continues its work using validated methods as Turkey's best-known and first cosmetics laboratory, which has increased its reputation for reliability and quality. It continues to establish connections with institutions in the field of safety of cosmetic products and carries its identity to the top through scientific publications, posters, book translations and presentations. Our laboratory is accredited according to the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) ISO/IEC 17025 standard.


The guarantee of impartiality, security and confidentiality of the results is guaranteed and is guaranteed by the senior management with the procedures established within the laboratory, the declaration of impartiality of the personnel and professional liability insurance.