Safety Data Sheet (Msds/sds)

Safety Data Sheet (Msds/sds)
MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. However, with the new regulations, the expression "material-material" has been removed and it is pronounced as SDS (Safety Data Sheet). These 2 abbreviations are widely used today.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that provides information about the safe use, storage and transportation of chemical products. SDS is also known as SDS (Safety Data Sheet) in English. This document includes information such as product content, hazardous components, physical and chemical properties, health effects, fire fighting methods, first aid measures, storage conditions and waste disposal procedures. It is used to meet occupational health and safety requirements and complies with regulations on the labeling and use of chemical substances.


The Safety Data Sheet preparation regulation has been prepared within the scope of the "Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Permission and Restriction of Chemicals dated 23/06/2017 and No. 30105 (repeated)" as of 01.01.2024. The current Safety Data Sheets prepared within the scope of the "(O.G.13.12.2014-29204) Regulation on Safety Data Sheets Concerning Harmful Substances and Mixtures" are no longer valid. The person responsible for preparing the Safety Data Sheet is required to be a Chemical Evaluation Specialist (KDU), and the title of SDS preparer is invalid.

SDS document is prepared by our certified chemical evaluation experts according to the KKDIK Regulation. You can contact us to get detailed information about our services or to offer special solutions for your needs.