Responsible Person (Rp)

Responsible Person (Rp)
The responsible technical staff is responsible for checking the compliance of the product to be placed on the market with cosmetic legislation, good manufacturing practices and other relevant legislation, according to the Cosmetic Products Regulation of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency published in the official gazette on May 8, 2023.

Chemist, biochemist, chemical engineer, biomedical engineer, biologist, microbiologist and pharmacist can be determined as responsible technical personnel. If the responsible person meets the specified conditions, he/she can assume the role of responsible technical personnel.

In accordance with the Cosmetics Legislation, companies cannot operate without employing responsible technical personnel and personnel with the qualifications required for the service. In accordance with the Cosmetics Law No. 5324, a fine is imposed on the manufacturer who does not employ personnel with the qualifications required for the service.

The Responsible Technical Personnel is the person responsible for the safety and suitability of cosmetic products. By fulfilling the duties determined by the Cosmetic Products Regulation, it ensures that cosmetic products are released to the market in accordance with legal regulations.

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