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Packaging Features Of Cosmetic Product
The characteristics of the packaging play a fundamental role in the risk assessment scheme and in assessing the overall antimicrobial protection of a cosmetic product.
The format of the packaging may affect the choice of protective system. The likelihood of microbial contamination from the consumer increases when the container has a wide opening and is subject to direct consumer contact. Likewise, if the container is for single-use doses, is in tube packaging, has a one-way valve, or direct consumer contact is prevented, the possibility of microbial contamination from the consumer is reduced. Using large packaged products, which contain more products such as package size and quantity and make the usage time longer, increases the possibility of contamination. Providing additional applicators such as brushes, pads, or puffs also affects the need for antimicrobial protection.
The following criteria are among the factors taken into account when assessing packaging-related product risk:
  • single or reusable packaging;
  • size of the package(packaging);
  • method of application of the product;
  • estimated spending rate;
  • whether the package allows direct consumer contact;
  • whether the package is pressurized or not.