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Guide To Non-Medical Veterinary Health Products
What are Non-Medical Veterinary Health Products?

Non-medical veterinary health products are products used to protect animal health, provide cleaning or for aesthetic purposes. These products are defined according to the Regulation on Non-Medical Veterinary Health Products published in the Official Gazette dated 7/12/2011 and numbered 28145 and the Regulation Amending the Regulation on Non-Medical Veterinary Health Products published in the Official Gazette dated 18/2/2020 and numbered 31043.

According to the Regulations, non-medical veterinary health products are products that are produced to be applied to or used for animals, but are not medicinal products. In this context, cosmetic products prepared for cleaning, odouring, changing the appearance, protecting or keeping in a good condition to be applied to the external parts of animals such as skin, nails, udder, ear or oral cavity are also included in non-medical veterinary health products.

There are certain legal regulations regarding the production, import, sale and use of non-medical veterinary health products. Notifications must be made to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Food and Control. Appointment of responsible personnel and making notifications are critical to ensure the production, sale and use of products in accordance with legal requirements.

      1.Responsible Personnel:
  • The person responsible for the management of the production process and the implementation of standards.
  • Responsible personnel may be a person from the professional groups of veterinarian, pharmacist, chemist or chemical engineer.
  • When he/she leaves his/her position, he/she is obliged to notify the relevant authorities.
  • Notifiers who fail to appoint a new responsible person may have to stop production and sales activities.

       2. Notifications:
  • For activities such as the production, import, export or placing on the market of a product, it is mandatory to notify the relevant authorities in accordance with certain procedures
  • Detailed information such as raw materials used in the production process of the products, formulation information, product safety information should be presented in these notifications.
  • Complete and accurate notifications are important for the products to be placed on the market in accordance with legal regulations.
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